Our Story

In the early 2020s, in Singapore, an excited couple prepares to welcome their first child! Within the region, their futile search for clothing choices, that are of high quality and encompassing their ideal design philosophy, made them decide to take on a new adventure. Together, they made a historic view that will define the next chapter of their lives and the lives of the families they will touch.

" At Bluealmond, we will always put children first. Here, we bring together clothing choices that will last for multiple lifecycles and are minimalistic and comfortable in design, for your little ones to be their true selves. No fire engines, or princesses, just soft-tone coloured prints that are easy to mix and match. " 

They named their business Bluealmond and began their adventure to make parenthood seamless and delightful. 

Here, we encourage circulating our products amongst siblings, friends and other children, to minimise our impact on the environment. We work only with partners who share our beliefs on the environment, quality products and design philosophy.

With love, Team Bluealmond ❤️


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