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Of the billions of places, you could have visited online, thank you for being here today. We figured, you are probably looking for information about organic cotton clothing, or to learn more about us.

The first thing that comes to our mind is “How can we help “? These 4 simple words, forms the foundation of the working culture at Bluealmond and is projected on the relationship we have, with many of the parents we delight.

Going on the idea that parents are always striving to give their child the best, we decided to share with you, why the parents who have bought organic cotton clothing for their kids never looked back.

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For you.

Durable and minimalist wardrobe for more time with your child.

Organic cotton is strong and durable. They are farmed with care, with the focus on quality. With quality, we can wash them over and over, and not worry about them looking shabby or falling apart. When the time comes for us to replace our favourite clothing items for new ones, chances are, our child is going through a growth spurt and busting out of them.

Here, we suggest sticking to just 7 – 10 of your favourite outfits for your child. Reducing the amount of clothing will allow you to choose higher quality options. It also ensures that whichever piece you pull out from their wardrobe, they will look good and feel comfortable in them. With a minimalist and neat looking wardrobe, you will less time on washing, folding and organizing mountains of baby clothes. Our conservative estimate have parents spending up to 15 minutes a day on baby laundry, which is around 7.5 hours a month.

Across the year, 7-10 good quality clothing, coupled with the lack of clutter, goes a long way in allowing you to spend your time on what matters. Playing, educating and growing with your little one :) Organic cotton gives you everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Good quality clothing, streamlined wardrobe, and more time with your child.

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For your child.

Comfortable clothes for great play time.

Apart from you having more time for your little one, the other benefit of buying organic cotton clothing is that they are farmed without pesticides. The pesticides are used to get your shirts, pants and dress to you as cheaply as possible (Blessing and Scott, 2003). This is despite the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considering many of them ( including the widely-used permethrin ) to be carcinogens. Organic cotton clothes are free of both cotton pesticides, and a range of risky/harmful substances found on synthetic materials.

Buying clothes made of organic cotton provides peace of mind for the parents we serve. It helps reduce the chances of their baby skin becoming irritated. Their child will also feel more at ease at home or while playing outside. The pieces, being breathable, soft and durable, is perfect for the summer months.

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For our future.

Protecting people and our environment.

Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. This technique of production protects the health of soils, ecosystems and people by reducing artificial inputs. Importantly, it does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

In non-organic cotton farm, where the focus is to get the cotton to consumers a cheaply as possible, farmers face health hazard. One such group are the women of Pakistan, where many started out as cotton pickers from a young age (Memon et al., 2019; Bakhsh et al. 2016). Most are unaware of the risks they are facing and suffer from health problems like skin and eye injury, headache, stomachache and fever (Memon et al., 2019; Olowule and Cheke, 2011).

Parents buying organic cotton clothing for their babies are sharing with us that they do not support the notion of buying cheap clothing at the expense of the health of the cotton farmers, and our environment. Every time you buy organic cotton clothing, you will feel like you are not only protecting your baby, but also the lives of farmers and Mother Earth.


Shop quality and minimally. For you, your child, and our future.


Team Bluealmond ❤️

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