"It's easier to invent the future than to predict it" - Alan Kay

At Bluealmond, whether we are curating quality services/products or designing a new digital experience for parents, our actions are inspired by a set of five principles that guide us in our mission to make parenthood seamless and delightful.

If these inspire you, drop us an email at: junjie.ong@bluealmond.sg. We might just have exactly the role you're looking for.

Our guiding principles

Grow as individuals together

This is a space where we have deep respect for the individual, giving anyone, who stands for progress, the platform to grow and do their best work.

Raise the bar

This includes going first class in everything that we do and conducting our business with uncompromising integrity.

Build for the future

We think long-term and are savvy with our resources. We save where we can to invest in what matters: A sustainable future for our people, the company, and our planet.

Focus to craft beautiful experiences that matters

Here, we are deliberate with how we spend our efforts. This ensures that we can focus our attention to the minute details that will deliver a beautiful experience for families we delight.

Collaborate to innovate

Our belief in bias for action and the deep collaboration and cross pollination of our groups provide us with the foundation to continuously innovate.


Team Bluealmond ❤️